FAQ Easy Burn

How big is the EB?
EB is 450mm tall approx 450mm in diameter & weighs just under 8kg.

Can you cook on or in the EB?
You sure can. Easy Burn was not intentionally designed for cooking but through simply using it, & our natural love of a snag on the barby EB has become a great little addition to many campers kit as a cooking tool.

Is it easy to maintain?
If you keep it clean & spray it with a little bit of cooking oil every now & then (just like a camp oven) it will last for ages.

Will it rust?
Yes it sure will but a little bit of maintenance & a hit of some cooking spray every now & then it will certainly last. You could spray it with a heat resistant paint if you wanted to help protect it longer such as Pot Belly Black which is readily available from a paint supplier.

How do I clean it?
A quick wipe over & kept in its hessian bag will help keep it clean.

Is it hard to put together?
Its not called "Easy Burn" for nothing. You will find it super easy to put together. Just alternate the sides long - short - long - short, slip in the 2 base pieces & its ready to light.

Can I use it in a total fire ban?
Nope, nothing will help you out in a total fire ban. Ultimately being responsible & not having naked flames is whats most important.

Are the bars included?
They sure are. The bars are just there for cooking on & are not structural in any way. Use them when you need to & keep them safely stored when they are not needed.

Does it come with a plate to cook on?
No, most of us can find a fry pan somewhere in our collection. We are great at making fires & selling steel, we will leave the cooking plates up to the experts.

How do you store it?
It comes in a hessian bag which will help keep all the bits together.

Is it heavy?
Weighing in at just under 8kg you won't need to doing any weight training to lift it.

Do you ship it to me?
Yes, we will ship it directly to your nominated address. Most of the time we use Australia Post as they seem to reach everyone with ease . We do sometimes use other freight companies such as Startrack.

Can the EB be gift wrapped & sent directly?
Yes, we would love to wrap it & send it directly as a present from you. We can even write a card for you.

Who designed it?
5 Aussies that love nothing more than sitting around a fire with a beer & glass of red. We needed a fireplace that took up less space in our motor-home & one that didn't weigh a motza. So we began brainstorming, drawing, & lots of testing. After several design improvements & of course a few refreshing beverages throughout the testing phases the Easy Burn was created.

Do you get dirty when you pack it away?
Of course you will, but hey who goes camping & doesn't get a little dirty? But......If you store a rag or a pair of gloves in the bag you can keep those hands clean every time you pack it away.

How long does it take to cool down?
The EB is made from 2mm mild steel & will take a little while to cool down, especially if its full of ash. We have been known to hit it with some water if we have been in a hurry to go & it has not buckled.