Handy Tips

We quite often come across some old & many new ideas, tips & tricks that we think make our camping, holidays & every other day a little better. So this page is dedicated to all of them. We are not business partners & sure don't get anything from them but encourage you to use their products & services as we reckon they a pretty good.

Country Comfort
For those that love the great outdoors but love their hot shower even more (like me). This is a totally portable hot water heater, that is super easy to use & will give you an endless supply of hot water without electricity. I take mine whenever we go camping & love it.

This little beauty has helped me out on numerous occasions. If you have a tarp that is ripped, have eyelets that are missing or banners to put up, it is brilliant. The greater the pull the tighter the grip.

Magic Cooking Products
This one is a little beauty for cooking on a BBQ, or in your oven without creating any mess. You can get it in sheets or oven bags & the one that surprises me every time I use it is a little bag so you can cook a toasted sandwich in your toaster. It really does work brilliantly.